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Topic: Nintendo DS - Hall & Reverb

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    Nintendo DS - Hall & Reverb

    Hello there,

    I've just got a quick question concerning the Nintendo DS sound hardware. After providing an XM or IT tracker song - are there any post-processing effects like reverb or echo included for the programmer, hardware-wise from the Nintendo DS sound chip itself?

    If I remember correctly, the Super Nintendo already offered some kind of reverb, which was a mere echo per channel that faked a kind of hall and other goodies. Also the GBA soundchip offered hall algorithms as far as I know. So the next logical step would be that NDS also offeres post-processing fx, would be strange if not.

    Any help and advice from composers or versed DS programmers would be greatly appreciated, thanks much in advance!

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Nintendo DS - Hall & Reverb

    As far as I'm aware I've not heard of any. But if your game is not too cpu intensive you could possibly fake it through a buffer and an extra channel. Alternatively fake reverb with careful programming in the XM/IT tracks.
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    Re: Nintendo DS - Hall & Reverb

    OMG why do people insist on making XM for the DS ? It is capable of so much more using Nintendo's tools !
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