Lesson 9 of the Free Interactive Jazz Arranging Course - now posted

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Lesson 9 - Melody & Orchestration (continued)

In previous lesson we begain our discussion on Melody & Orchaestration. Chuck discussed harmonic possibilities of chord progressions,standard forms and modify form to add interest. In this lession Chuck continues the discussion on creating and orchestrating a coherent and balanced melody,

The Interactive Edition of "EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING" is a FREE online course based upon Chuck Israels' new book. Chuck Israels is a true jazz master and there simply is no better source from whom to learn about jazz arranging. Composer/arranger/bassist Chuck Israels is a recognized master musician in the world of jazz. He has played with Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, Coleman Hawkins, Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, J.J. Johnson, John Coltrane, and dozens of others. He is well known for being the bassist with the Bill Evans Trio.

In this Interactive Edition interactive score excerpts are provided which allow the learner to simultaneously listen and visually follow.This course encompasses a wealth of solid grounding and practical knowledge, clearly written and explained, all generously augmented with musical examples of melody, rhythm, harmony, form, writing for 2 voices, 3 voices, 4 or more voices, writing for full band, and much, much more. During the weeks ahead more lessons will be posted - some 20 in all.

It is our pleasure to emphasize that the course is free. There is no charge, no book to buy, no direct or hidden fees, no obligation, no course registration required, no strings attached. Just come and learn!

Again I welcome your participation.

Gary Garritan