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Topic: Rachi Redux

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    Rachi Redux

    Yo, ya'll -
    I have been re-doing a lot of the stuff that I first worked on after I obtained the CMB and JBB libraries. I was so enamored with the vast array of instruments available that I wanted to "use them all". So I did (including the proverbial "kitchen sink"). I decided as a practical matter to re-arrange these pieces for a more traditional concert band.

    I thought that while I was at it, for the pieces that were not already part of the orchestral "library", I would make an orchestral arrangement of them.

    A couple of months ago I posted the Rachmaninov Prelude in c# minor for 'exotic' concert band. Since most of you prefer my orchestral arrangements over my band arrangements (from recent posts), I figured it might be worthwhile to get your opinions about the Rachi Prelude arranged for orchestra.

    With the obvious exceptions (the really loud parts), it is a complete re-work of the piece. Since the ending of the Bach Adagio (with the solo string quintet at pp) was a disaster, I decided to try the concept again with the solo string instruments that I auditioned and chose from the GPO library as a much better selection than the traditional "Solo" solo instruments. They work pretty well in the mp passage near the beginning, and they don't sound as "organ"-like and hideous at the end (pp) like the ones at the end of the Bach Adagio.

    So, with that in mind, I would appreciate comments (on the above observation, and, for anything else).


    Frank Newman - Houston, Texas, USA, Earth, Milky Way (for our 'extended' viewership)
    Vista Ult SP2, i7 chipset, 12Gb, 500Gb (int) + 1 & 1.5Tb ext., E-MU 1820, Sonar 8.5PE, VSampler, CME UF5, AcousModules (for 3D playback), GPO/JBB/CMB

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    Re: Rachi Redux


    That organ effect can be a pain to get rid of. I use tons of hairpins and midi data to break it up as much as possible and still sometimes it is there.

    Alas, so it is here as well. Unless that is an organ.

    Just after the Pizz, it sounds like an organ.

    Still well done


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    Re: Rachi Redux

    Nice job on this once again, Frank; astute and
    effective arrangement.

    On the sound, I've only worked a little with
    JABB (mostly I use the trumpet out of it for
    orchestral solo work)... and CMB I've barely
    touched. But as a very general comment,
    I think I might look at the overall dynamic
    range (distance between softest and loudest,
    that is); as the softest parts perhaps seem
    a little lower than one might wish. Reverb
    -- my own chronic Achilles heel -- could
    perhaps be a bit fuller, too, as it seems some-
    what dry to me in places.

    Minor technicals aside, I think you did a heck
    of a job adapting this... admirable work!

    My best,


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