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Topic: Volume problem

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    Volume problem

    The volume in my Finale playback is about half or less than it should be. I know I have seen the solution to this in a previous post but I can't find it. This problem occurs if I am using Softsynth or Garritan sounds and I have tried increasing the volume in the studio view sliders as well as the controls in the Kontakt player but everything reverts back to the same level as soon as I start the playback. I have used the expression tool but even using "FFFF" in the score is about only half volume of what it sould be. This started when I installed a new hard drive and re-installed Finale 2008 and the update to 2008a. Can anyone help!!!!!!!!!
    Finale 2008a, AMD64 2.6, 2GB ddr2 ram, WinXP pro SP2

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    Re: Volume problem

    Maybe this can help you? Look at the list from Nicke Fønshauge:


    Finale 2008, GPO, JABB, C&MB, Strad, Gofriller, Kontakt 3

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    Re: Volume problem

    Actually i have the same problem using FiInale 2008 and the included Kontakt Player 2.

    Whenever i adjustthat little slider in the Kontakt player, it will be re-adjusted by finale during playback.

    Any solution there?

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    Re: Volume problem

    Have you done this steps?

    in the HP-options (playback settings) you can increase the base velocity. (But this is maybe the same as change from pp to p, f to ff)

    In the instrument list you can increase the level from 101 to 127. That will increase the litle slider in kontakt also, but not so very much.

    In Kontakt you go to Options, Audio engine (tab), and check the 0dB button. I think -6dB is default, and this will increase the volume.

    In kontakt you can also click Outputs, and change the slides on the output channels (st.1 is default) to +12. This also will increase the volume.

    Finale 2008, GPO, JABB, C&MB, Strad, Gofriller, Kontakt 3

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    Re: Volume problem

    Yes, i have done all of the above. And of course that helps. But it is not enough to make the Choiur voices audible in my full orchestra score.

    There is a small slider (just above the little mod knowb) in the Kontakt 2 player. That one is increasing the volume level enormously. Unfortunatly it is reset by finale as soon as the samples are played.

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    Re: Volume problem

    Which dynamic level do you use?

    I don't think I can help you much more, but maybe you can ask in finaleforum.com, or check the Knowledge base on finalemusic.com

    Finale 2008, GPO, JABB, C&MB, Strad, Gofriller, Kontakt 3

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    Re: Volume problem

    Quote Originally Posted by frivo View Post
    Which dynamic level do you use?
    Hm what do you mean? 0dB for Kontakt 2 instruments.

    The finale boards are unfortunatly pretty much dead when it comes down to Garritan and Kontakt player issues.

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    Re: Volume problem

    No, I mean dynamics as p, pp, fff etc. When you use this in the score, finale (Human Playback) will increase/decrase the volume in Kontakt.

    If you haven', use the expression tool, and put in some dynamics. Check also that the Human Playback is set to "standard" or something else, but not "none".

    Finale 2008, GPO, JABB, C&MB, Strad, Gofriller, Kontakt 3

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    Re: Volume problem

    Well this is a professional score that will be performed as an opera by a big german theater. Obviously i have set several dynamic expressions in the score.

    But even if i assign a "ffff" expression to the choir, it is not audible. Because the base volume level of the chorus samples that come with finale 2008 is way too low. And because the Kontakt player 2 sample volumes are not adjustable and are overwritten by finale. I ordered now East West Quantum Choir and it works flawlessly there.

    East West Quantum Choir is comming with Kontakt player 1 and if i adust there the sample base volume level, it stays unaffected by finale. Crescendo and Decrescendo are performed, but at a higher or lower base volume setting.

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    Re: Volume problem

    Where did you bougth it, and how much does it cost?

    Finale 2008, GPO, JABB, C&MB, Strad, Gofriller, Kontakt 3

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