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Topic: Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance

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    Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance

    Some People consider my music to be atonal while others say it just has an abundance of dissonance in it. Steve (SOS) once said that my music is mostly just Wrong note consonance, hence the name of the piece.

    It is around 5 minutes long right now, but I don't think I am finished with it yet, even though there is an ending to it.

    My original intent with this was to compose a piece about Crusaders and the Holy wars. Then it became more toward any war. We as humans love to go to war. If we win, we as a people all feel good about ourselves. The families of the casualties also get to feel good that their loved one died a hero's death. The losers get to feel good about not dieing.

    When someone wins a sporting event, they are happy and feel good about themselves. Put them in that same event and add the possibility of dieing and when they survive, they feel better than just good, they feel great!!

    So for human beings, war is just a way of making us feel good. Wars have little to do about land or power... It is about the need to feel good.

    This piece deals with my thoughts about war and the reasons of why we love to do it.

    I started this piece back in December and finally finished it a few days ago and have been playing with the rendering ever since.

    Once again, this piece was composed in Sibelius and effects were added in Sonar. All of the instruments are either GPO or JABB.

    Here it is

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    Any and all comments are appreciated including suggestions as to making it longer or leaving it as is.

    Thanks and try to enjoy


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    Re: Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance

    Hi Ron.
    An interesting work with a lot of ideas.
    Have you checked your panning set-up? It seems to me like the sound is squeezed into 1 channel.
    When new instruments enter, the total sound diminishes. I think spreading would help.
    I've discovered from this forum that panning and reverb really affect

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    Re: Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance

    Clicking just gave me an empty window....


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    Re: Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance


    I see what you mean. I have been so intent on getting Sonar up and running that sometimes I would get lazy and only put a few instruments into seperate channels and I think that is what I did here. I did all of the effects work in Sonar, so I just took a dry wav from Sib and that was the lazy way to do it.


    I'm sure that was a boxnet short term problem, because it works now.


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    Re: Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance

    I really like this. You can hear the battles between good and evil or the greedy and the generous or living and dying. A ripe mixture of sonorities to boggle the mind. Your title makes me feel like a godfather.


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    Re: Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance

    I downloaded the piece. It is too difficult for me to judge it at first impression. It certainly attracted me. So if you don't mind waiting until.....


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    Re: Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance


    Rarely do I name a piece before I compose. This one had the name Crusader on it before the first note was inserted. After it was roughed in, It just hit me that the rest of the name had to have something to do with Wrong Note Consonance, so I just put the two together.

    So you are indeed the Godfather. Someday you may have to come to me and ask me a favor and I will be obliged to perform whatever task awaits me. Sorry, that's a different kind of Godfather.

    BTW I really like the name of this piece!


    I know that there is a lot going on in this piece, most of mine seem to do that.

    Take your time and get back when you can.

    Thanks guys


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    Re: Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance

    Yes, quite different and a good listen. I can get a sense of where you are coming from that can't be verbally communicated.

    I felt pretty good when I got a 363 in the daft lottery during nam.


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    Re: Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance


    Since you were very young when you got that 363, I'm sure it didn't feel as good as it did to others in your family who more understood what it meant. My brother had a high 300 as well, so we didn't have to worry.

    I joined the Navy in 1976, so by then, that war was over. According to Congress, I served during peacetime, so they cut my benefits. Yet the bullets that went zipping over my head while I was in, didn't seem to realize it was peacetime.

    I had a friend on a ship that was torpedoed and sunk from underneath him. He was also considered to be a peacetime sailor.

    Some things just cannot be be done verbally. I am glad you caught that.



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    Re: Crusader of Wrong Note Consonance

    I can't say I've ever found anything whatever about war
    that made me feel good; neither being missed by bullets
    nor hit by them. It's an interesting theory, though; humans
    are peculiar animals, and I think there's some truth in what
    you say. Quite a bit of it, in fact.

    And if it seems barbaric, well... perhaps it's testimony that
    only our weapons, not our sensibilities, have grown more
    sophisticated across the eons.

    Definitely one of your more interesting excursions, Ron.
    There's more formal structure and development hiding
    in it. And some of the harmonic work -- much enjoyed...
    there's quite a bit more variety and adventure in this
    than many of your other efforts... bite and direction to
    it. Just when I was about to send you a bag of flats
    and sharps, you seem to have grown a fine crop of them
    in your own garden... lol!

    Seriously, I've never found your procedures particularly
    dissonant; indeed, rather the contrary. This effort
    strikes me as an expansion of your language, and a
    worthwhile one.

    All my best,


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