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Topic: Looking for Instruments that Appear in Sibelius GP)

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    Looking for Instruments that Appear in Sibelius GP)

    Hello all

    I've been entering the score to the first movement of Scheherazade in Sibelius 5. The score calls for 2 clarinets in A and has two trombones entered in Alto clef.

    Way back when, when I set up the playing device for Sibelius, I couldn't find Clarinet in A, then I clicked on a button and exposed all the instruments available and there it was. Same for the Alto Trombone.

    Now I'm importing some of the instruments into Logic Studio 8. When I got to the Clarinet in A and the Alto Trombone, I noticed there wasn't one in the GPO K2 player.

    I looked in the GPO manual, and those instruments aren't listed. So it looks like I stumbled across something only available in Sibelius.

    So I guess I have to transpose to a Bb clarinet.

    Are trombone scores written in alto clef, or do I need to transpose that too?

    thanks in advance


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    Re: Looking for Instruments that Appear in Sibelius GP)

    Hi Dave,

    I may not be correct, but my hunch is that no version of GPO contains a Clarinet in A, and that the Sibelius track transposes the Bb samples on the fly. The same goes for the Alto trombone.

    In logic, so long as the transpositions of each instrument relative to concert pitch are set, (so the clarinet is +3) you should be able to play in the pitches as written fine. If you're importing a midi file, all of the midi data is retained in concert pitch. Assign a Bb clarinet, run a bit of EQ on it, and you should be all set.


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