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Topic: GVI and Kontakt together

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    GVI and Kontakt together

    Does anyone have any experience running both GVI and Kontakt together
    on the same system in the same host? I have a number of
    older Giga 2 libraries that I'd rather not convert to Kontakt as I have
    found errors in doing this before and don't have the time to go through
    these mammoth libs one by one tweaking the patches and checking for

    I would like to be able to run happily side by side these two in Forte but
    wonder if there'd be any streaming issues with them both trying to access
    the disk? I guess it'd be possible to dedicate a separate drive to each..?

    Any help appreciated...

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    Re: GVI and Kontakt together

    I'm currently running GVI and a few of the Garritan libraries running on the Kontakt 2 platform on the same machine using Sonar 7. They seem to work fine together. I do however have occasional problems when loading a project with both samplers. It seems like they are both trying to load the samples at the same time and confuse Sonar and cause it to crash. Since I upgraded my Windows XP to service pack 3, the problem seems to have gone away. My previous workaround was to turn off GVI and Kontakt before saving my project. Then when I reload the file I can turn on GVI and Kontakt separately without any probelms.

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    Re: GVI and Kontakt together

    GS4 will include a VSTi host. Word is that it hosts Kontakt just fine. I don't know the details about which versions of Kontakt, hardware, OS, etc.

    Note that this only works in a 32-bit OS. GS4 doesn't include a 32-bit host when running in 64-bits.

    We should start getting user feedback in a month or so...

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    Re: GVI and Kontakt together

    GVI and NI libs work like a charm for me too. I particularly like running them on XP64 with 4 gigs of RAM... can run Giga TBO and Black Grand concurrently with NI JABB without any problems. Just waiting for GS4 and GVI4 mainly to bump up to 8 gigs.


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