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Topic: Portamento Strings: Which is the best library?

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    Portamento Strings: Which is the best library?

    I currently own EW Gold Pro XP as my orchestral library. I have always been into the sound of strings doing a portmanto articulation. Some of the old Hollywood themes use this articulation. Gold has a slide patch but it is pretty darn limiting. Do Vienna or Kirk Hunter acheive this? Is there a program out there that can do portamento in real time?

    If you know of a package that does this could you please explain the procedure? An audio example? I was looking into getting the Vienna SE (it mentions portamento in the articulations list) or KH's Strings.

    I also saw a video of EW's Gypsy on YouTube where the guy just played legato and all the notes slid beautifully together. However, I was hoping to get the entire string family and not just one instrument.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    All the very best,

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    Re: Portamento Strings: Which is the best library?

    VSL SE should have portamento for all strings. Which means solo, chamber, ensemble. But not for appassionata though. Unless it's available in the download extended package but i dough it. I'd go SE. That articulation is one of my favourite from VSL. If you have more money, you can go for complete strings package which offer more portamento articulations.

    There's also the possibility of using a script like SIPS but you will not get that king of result you will get with VSL. But it will prove useful if you want to layer Gold on top of SE.

    KH probably have script portamento but i don't know how they sound.

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    Re: Portamento Strings: Which is the best library?

    VSL Appassionata Strings have the best string section portamento IMO. (Full version)

    KH strings have IntervaLive but its quality is questionable, especially in the lower strings. It does not sound like recorded transitions, more like processed ones.

    Layering a Garritan Strad or Goffriller with a strings section can also help much. In a way it is very realistic because in a real strings group it is much more common that just some of the players do a portamento than all together (which is a bit thick sometimes and therefore my main concern with the Appassionata portamento).
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    Re: Portamento Strings: Which is the best library?

    I'm using Kirk Hunter Ruby, and have been hoping to practice how to use its IntervaLive. So, this time I made a test piece first time ever.

    mp3 http://www.box.net/shared/ozezxwdgkk
    score http://www.box.net/shared/2sr06wj4sg
    I wrote pitchbend value in the score at the positions where arrows point.

    Kirk Hunter Ruby makes interval sound only with pitchbend wheel which is used as a start button. I feel IntervaLive's sound is acceptable.
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    Re: Portamento Strings: Which is the best library?

    VSL hands down have the best portamento strings. Its just a question of what size of a string section you want. If you plan on layering them with gold, I recommend getting the chamber strings. Great for layering. However, VSL orchestral strings (especially Appasonata) sound AMAZING with a little EQ and the right reverb. The key to VSL, since its dry, is a great reverb. When you get this balance right, nothing comes close to sounding more real IMO.

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    Re: Portamento Strings: Which is the best library?

    I totally agree with Hannes and JT3, VSL has a very realistic portamento, it's one of my favorite articulations.

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