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Topic: wow this sucks

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    wow this sucks

    I tried rendering GPO's piano today into audio, and MAN was in messed up.
    Half the time the sustain pedal didn't work, there were cracks and pops, and half the notes didn't sound at all.

    Can anyone offer any advice of what this could be? I use REAPER to record, but I don't think it's reaper, because when I use other pianos it doesn't do this. Then again, it could be because the GPO piano is bigger.

    Any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone before? thanks!

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    Re: wow this sucks

    Don't know REAPER, but look at:

    audio latency setting
    audio buffers setting
    even the length of the sample can play a role in this.

    With Sonar all this helped... so may be in REAPER also.


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    Re: wow this sucks

    I second Raymond's suggestions.

    Crackling and popping are usually indicative of the audio buffer being overrun. By increasing its size you give the computer more time to think. This translates to a larger delay between when you hit a key on a MIDI keyboard and sometimes to the response of the start/stop command, but not to the synchronization of the elements of the mix. If you're using an onboard soundcard this is likely the case. Using ASIO drivers may help in these situations. A generally compatible one is available for free at http://asio4all.com

    Within Kontakt Player 2, you might investigate your CPU overload protection settings and multiprocessor support, available under Options>Audio Engine. Sometimes disabling dual core processing helps with crackling (if applicable), and increasing the voice-killing scheme can reduce strain on the CPU and thereby reduce pops.


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