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Topic: (Newbie) Kontakt 3 Question

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    (Newbie) Kontakt 3 Question


    I've been using EWQLSO Gold for a while now but am having problems using the library via my new Kontakt 3 software.

    I can get it to work but all it will do is recognise the individual samples as opposed to the 'instruments' as a whole.

    Obviously this is less than ideal - can anybody help?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: (Newbie) Kontakt 3 Question

    I'm not sure but I heard this was addressed in an update. Make sure you have the latest version of Kontakt3, which is 3.01.
    Eric Matlock

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    Red face Re: (Newbie) Kontakt 3 Question

    Thanks Eric - i'll see if that helps. J

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    Re: (Newbie) Kontakt 3 Question

    I remember hearing you have to open ewql with the included player at least once first.. and then go back and load them..Just a thought..
    Something about the database?..

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