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Topic: K2 player and DFD

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    K2 player and DFD


    I have recently had to jump to a new Macpro from a G5. I have everything installed and working fine but I am confused with how DFD works now.

    1. I can not see any option to turn of DFD, is there one?
    2. Is it still optimal to run it in RAM and not stream.
    3. Are the defaults the optimal way to do it? I know the Garritan people would do their best to make it happen correctly out of the box, but we have those weird NI people to deal with and lets face, not everything they do is logical.

    I have a 3ghz Macpro 8 core with 6 gigs of Ram so power is not a problem but I will need to run it on my macbook when on the road that is what is inspiring the questions.



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    Re: K2 player and DFD

    I would also like to know if and how the original advice on using DFD (or not, as it were) may have changed with the move to the KP2 version.

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    Re: K2 player and DFD

    You cannot toggle between DFD/Sampler(RAM) mode with KP2. Only the full K2/3 allows that in Instrument Edit mode.

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