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Topic: Choosing a weighted keyboard

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    Question Choosing a weighted keyboard

    Hey there,

    I'm on the brink of buying another 88-key keyboard to replace an old Yamaha. This time though I really have no use for onboard sounds so I'm looking for a solid hammer-action trigger. I would go with an older PC2X though I don't see the point in paying that much for sounds I'm not going to use.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or preference on what type of trigger I should purchase. I've looked at what Studiologic has to offer and don't mind them. I'd like to play and feel some of the CME stuff. Also, I've heard Yamaha is coming out with the KX8.

    I'm looking for a good quality trigger that's 88-key, hammer-action. I'd prefer not to go with M-audio as I find there's to be a bit rickety. This unit will be on a second or bottom tier used for gigging.

    And thoughts would be greatly appreciated from the community.


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    Re: Choosing a weighted keyboard

    Studiologic's new vmk series is the best from what I read. I actually played it a bit at the store, and it felt fine. Just didn't have any sounds to trigger, so it's hard to say. Mechanically speaking, it has one of the best keybeds that Fatar creates, the TP40GH.

    I've also heard opinions that since many of the top line stage pianos have custom keybeds, they tend to have better action. On that note, the roland fp7 or 700sx/gx seems to have great feel. Definitely more expensive than a vmk tho..

    Only problem with vmk is that it's not a powerful master keybaord. Actually, it doesn't have most master keyboard functions (like, zones?). Depends on what you need I guess. The keybed is top of the line I can assure you that.


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    Re: Choosing a weighted keyboard

    I have a Kurzweil K 2600 SX, and have been using it for years. It is the creme de la creme of weighted keyboards. It has actual mechanical hammers inside (and it weighs a LOT) and its also very rugged. I have moved 6+ times since I bought it and never had any issues other than needing cleaning. They are kind of expensive but not too harsh. Mine cost 7500 bucks when I got it in 2001, but they are like 3500 now and still just as worthwhile as my main midi controller today as then. Before you make a choice, I cant recommend more strongly to at least play on a k2600 or one of the new 61 ley k2661's

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    Re: Choosing a weighted keyboard

    I agree, the weighting on the Kurzeil boards are great. I used to use Kuzweil though right now I have no use for the samples or synths so I'll likely go with the Studiologic. That is unless I found something even more suitable as a trigger. The 188 plus might be a bit heavy for the second tier on my WS-550 though.

    I appreciate all the input.


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    Re: Choosing a weighted keyboard

    7500 bucks when I got it in 2001
    wow, that's expensive!

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    Re: Choosing a weighted keyboard

    Also agree on the Kurzeil boards, they have best piano feel by far!
    Also the Yamaha S90? has great Piano feel.
    To many weighted keyboards don't have the right pressing and releasing of the keys, you either have to press down to hard or the keys don't come up right.
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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    Re: Choosing a weighted keyboard

    Quote Originally Posted by kensuguro View Post
    wow, that's expensive!
    Yea tho i got the S/X version with the sampling options and expanded ROM and everything i could get for it at that time. But its the best money I ever invested... 8 years later, there is nothing left in my studio from that time that gets any use, with one exception of my k2600 which I use all day every day. Tho I guess I dont really use the sounds on it or the sampling features, even if it does have AES/EBU i/o among tons of other very professional features... Also it weighs really a lot, I had to buy a special stand for it to sit on after it crushed the 2 tier stand i had with a roland A70 on also. But its still such an awesome instrument
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
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    Re: Choosing a weighted keyboard

    Has someone tried the Numa from Fatar?



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    Re: Choosing a weighted keyboard

    that NUMA does look nice, but no faders, knobs, pitch/.mod wheel? I would need at least 2 of those to play organ or strings like Strad by Garritan.

    But for just piano I guess it could be nice


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    Re: Choosing a weighted keyboard

    Quote Originally Posted by Sr_Velasco View Post
    Has someone tried the Numa from Fatar?



    Another fatar action in a cheap, plastic box? Sorry, for this grumpy post, but this announcement caught me in a particularly bitter mood about why no one makes the controller board that I *really* want.

    I sorta like the idea of a "just the keys" board, but why is it so big? I mean, what's in all that space behind the short key action? I'd readily embrace its depth if it were housing 14" keys, but from the pictures it looks to be the usual 8" fatar action. I guess all that empty space is for me to rest my laptop on? I'd rather have a less akward size than a big empty plastic "laptop table".

    And what's with all the non-black keyboards out there? Like fatar's vmk-188 for example - it used to be black and more desirable to me (although I still passed because it was in a plastic case). But then they made it all silvery. Is there really anyone out there who is like "Man, I hate piano black! What a terrible color for a freaking piano!".

    Please someone - make this 88-key controller board: Solid steel housing, 9 sliders, 9+ knobs, 9+ buttons, mod/pitch *wheels* (no stick), Housing *fits* the action, and make the color - oh, I don't know..... how about black? I mean, I know it doesn't go with everthing like candy-apple-red does, but we'll all manage somehow. If we can get at least *this* far, then let's talk about how "grand" or "ivory" your action feels.

    I know this fantasy board costs $1500 minimum, but I'm ready. I know you can pick up these plastic controllers for sub $1000, but I don't want plastic. As it is, I have to pay $2500 to get the build quality I want, but in a stage piano that has audio features that I don't need, and is light on controller features which I do need.

    Sorry for the rant. I'm thinking RD700GX for me maybe.... I'll see what I think when I can play it. But it already can't send even channel aftertouch (manual says it only does so with a foot pedal), so I don't know - I'll probably keep playing my old pc2x and griping about the abysmal state of controller keyboards until I'm 90 years old.

    <-- See? I'm really not bitter!


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