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Topic: GPO strings-attack too slow?

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    GPO strings-attack too slow?

    I was using the strings for the first time today in a recording, and realized how slow the attack was. When I try and add some strings to a piano piece, I can't, because the entire strings part is off because the attack is so slow. Does anyone know how to speed up the attack? Thanks!

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    Re: GPO strings-attack too slow?

    Hi antispatula,

    The string attacks are velocity-sensitive. The higher these values, the swifter the attack will be. If you load the Sus+Short patch or KS patch for the instrument and use high velocity values you can play very fast passages. For the strings to be right on the money, try using velocity values in excess of 120, which translates to hitting on the keyboard really really hard.

    Modwheel (CC1) controls your volume and timbre.


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    Re: GPO strings-attack too slow?

    you just saved a midi noob a world of sorrow.

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    Re: GPO strings-attack too slow?

    I just tried it out......hit the key as hard as I could and it did not speed up the attack (this is full strings KS). Even at 127 it does nothing to improve attack speed.....

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    Re: GPO strings-attack too slow?

    What is the model of your midi keyboard?

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    Re: GPO strings-attack too slow?

    You will get the best results by using the separate violin, viola, cello, and bass samples. The Full Strings sound, as I understand it, is for sketching out compositions only and is not of the quality of the separate string samples.
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    Re: GPO strings-attack too slow?

    Quote Originally Posted by Reegs View Post
    What is the model of your midi keyboard?
    I use an M audio Axiom. I also tried it on my casio privia. Nothing worked.

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    Re: GPO strings-attack too slow?

    Okay, I thought the problem might have been a keyboard which lacked velocity, but both of those models have it.

    This midi file data corresponds exactly to the mp3 here. As you'll hear, the full strings patch can play fast fine. I've varied the velocity throughout the patch. Towards the peak of the chromatic run it is >120 velocity.
    Can you load this midi file in your system and assign the full strings KS patch to it? Are you getting a similar sound? If not, we know it's a player issue somewhere.

    Otherwise it's likely something on your keyboard. Download and install Midi-Ox. Assign an input port to your keyboard and play some notes. Are you seeing velocity variance?


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    Re: GPO strings-attack too slow?

    Also try using the AG patches, AG=aggressive and have more pronounced attack. Overlaying or using 'short-bow' patches might help.

    But otherwise I agree with the other responses, the velocity should affect attack, but only starts to be really noticeable at >110 velocity and that can involve quite a whack on the keys of some keyboards.

    Also I sometimes suspect the standalone player doesn't respond in the same way as the virtual instrument, but I can't prove that right now.

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