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Topic: another monday (jazz ensemble)

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    another monday (jazz ensemble)

    This song uses CMB and JABB. The horn instrumentation is flugelhorn, alto, tenor, french horn and tuba. The guitar is live.


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    Re: another monday (jazz ensemble)

    Wow, what a great sound! I loved the guitar playing as well.

    The middle section really came alive, and after hearing it, the end section made more sense.

    Very evocative and a good listen.


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    Re: another monday (jazz ensemble)

    Thanks for listening owen. It might be my imagination but the CMB horns seemed to blend in a more mellow way than JABB. I am glad that you liked the guitar.

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    Re: another monday (jazz ensemble)

    Now tell me again why are you asking ME about voicings, etc? This is really nice and I agree with the comment about the sonority of the instrumentation. I cannot hear anything critically wrong. I envy your drum part and sound. How and where did you get it? Could you do some drum parts for me?
    The guitar solo is great. The only suggestions I would make, and for experimentation only, is to use a Bass Trombone instead of a Tuba and to try the Jazz Fretless bass. I got used to them with my college jazz ensembles and I prefer their clearer sound to the rather "tubby" acoustic bass.

    Let's hear some more.

    sos (Steve)

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    Re: another monday (jazz ensemble)

    Jay, this sounds great!


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    Re: another monday (jazz ensemble)

    Steve, thanks for stopping by to listen and comment. I started with a short 3/4 jazz waltz drum loop sample. I broke it up and added hits and cymbals to it. My drum tracks have a tendency to be pretty weak, so I thought I would try to spice up the rhythm track a bit. I did receive the pdf and mp3 for 'alone together', thanks a bunch for that. I plan to study the charts to get some insights into the things that your are doing, which I am very impressed with.

    Raymond, I am pleased that you enjoyed my song.


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    Re: another monday (jazz ensemble)


    Some really nice stuff in here! I like the "live" feel you achieved with this, especially with the rhythm section.

    You had some very effective horn stuff going on, but they just seemed a little lost in the mix. The voicings sounded very solid, though. Like you, I've begun combining the CMB brass sounds with JABB for a more varied timbre mix throughtout each individual instrument section -- like real life!

    Excellent job on this; thanks for posting!


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    Re: another monday (jazz ensemble)

    Danny, thanks for listening and I am glad that you liked it. I plan to do some more experimenting on instrument combinations between garritan libraries.

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    Re: another monday (jazz ensemble)

    Jay the sound on this is superb... just about fool
    me, most of it -- very real skill and effort on the
    rendering in this.

    What struck me more, though, was the handling
    of the voicing and color in the first and last
    sections... subtle, smooth, and ingeniously
    done -- really beautiful work on that.

    My best,


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    Re: another monday (jazz ensemble)

    Hey David. Thanks for stopping by to listen. I am pleased that you liked this. I am trying to get more control over the small jazz ensemble sound. Practice makes perfect , so they say anyway.

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