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Topic: Baroque Virtual Instruments Sample

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    Baroque Virtual Instruments Sample

    Hi! I asked several months ago if anyone knew a good virtual viola da gamba... so... there aren't... and I sampled my violin (witout vibrato), my baroque recorders and my guitare de gambe (I invented it)... the result can be heard in one of my compositions: "Ritornello Furioso" from my opera "La Lunge nuict des tens"


    Aaaah, almost forgot: The harpsichord is the "Flemish Harpsichord" from "Historic Keyboards" (GIGA format) by Post Musical Instruments.

    Hope you comment

    Arturo Escorza

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    Re: Baroque Virtual Instruments Sample

    Hi Arturo,
    I apreciate very much the attempt to realize ambitious baroque music. therefore I am quite intrested in the possible results. I suppose it is not that easy to get the impression of a real baroque performance out of a midifile. Did you have an example of a slow movement. I suppose it might give a even more detailed impression of your Samples.

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    Smile Re: Baroque Virtual Instruments Sample

    This is another audio sample, now my Guitare de Gambe playing a basso continuo alone.


    It's my virtual Guitare de Gambe.

    And a better file of my sampled violin (without vibrato, trying to sound baroque, playing a duet.)


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    Re: Baroque Virtual Instruments Sample

    Did you know about this sample library:


    includes viola da gamba, baroque flutes and harpsichords
    David C. Buist

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