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Topic: SAGE Xpander Install not correct

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    SAGE Xpander Install not correct

    OK guys,
    I've obviously done something wrong here.
    I just purchased Trilogy and RMX Stylus Expanded.
    The Trilogy install went fine as did the RMX Stylus core it appears.
    But I am having a problem with the first Xpander that I am trying to install, Metamorphosis.
    I installed Metamorphosis and while it installed, the Suites in the browser are just numerics starting with 050-059 on the first line of the Suites window, followed by 060-064 on the second line and so on.
    The Core libraries appear to be OK.
    On DVD1, when I installed Stylus RMX and was asked to install the VSTplugin DLL I choose my C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins library folder.
    Then when I got prompted to install the SAGE folder I chose another HD that I want to use for all my samples.
    This was E:\Program Files\Spectrasonics.
    On DVD2, the system found my Spectrasonics folder on my E:\ drive and this install also appeared to go smoothly.
    I then authorized RMX and opened it up in my Cubase 4 App. NP.
    So I wanted to install Metamorphosis.
    Started up the Setup and when I got to the window asking where I wanted to install the Sage Xpander, I let it default to C:|Program Files\Spectrasoncis (thinking it would find the shortcut in that folder to my SAGE folder on my E:\ drive. But I got a message back saying it could not find the folder and the install ended.
    So I started it up again, and this time when I got to that same window, I pointed it to my E:\Program Files\Spectrasonics folder and the install completed saying that I had successfully installed Metamorphosis.

    I tried closing Cubase and even rebooting but nothing has changed.
    I still get numerics in my Suites descriptions window.
    Does anyone understand why I'm getting only numeric or how I can correct this situation?
    ciao, Dan

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    Re: SAGE Xpander Install not correct

    OK. I just found the RMX Manual for the Metamorphosis Xpander http://support.spectrasonics.net/rmx...rs/page05.html
    and perhaps the install was correct?
    It looks like the Suite window names are indeed just numeric as also shown in the online manual.
    Can someone who also owns the Metamorphosis Xpander please confirm?
    ciao, Dan

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