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Topic: Sonar And Sibelius Panning

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    Sonar And Sibelius Panning

    I have a piece that was composed in sib and I have taken the midi into sonar to work with. In sibelius, I centered the piano and the put the flute about 10% right, but left the cello panned about 20% left. Well now it sounds like the cello is way out in left field.

    If I try to use sonar to bring it back in, well, that isn't working.

    My question is for those who compose in sib and render in sonar. In sib, do you pan instruments individually where you want them, leave the default settings, center them all or some of them, or attempt to do something else.

    In other words, what is the best way to pan in sib, if I plan on doing the rest of the work on the midi in sonar?



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    Re: Sonar And Sibelius Panning

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    Ron, when I started using Sonar I almost completely stopped adjusting the sounds in Sibelius. I only use Sibelius to make sure what was in my head is really what I'm hearing, and to check for note errors and whatnot. I much prefer working with the details of the recording separate of the score...my mind can't handle doing both at once!! I think it gives more flexibility in the use of the sounds than what I can get out of them in Sibelius, or in some combination of the two programs....

    Now, back in the day before I had Sonar, I pretty much left everything at default, and just let Sibelius do its thing...and you can definitely hear that in some of my older recordings. So I'd suggest not worrying about placement or whatever else within Sibelius if you plan on moving the project to Sonar later.


    I understand what you are saying, but I still have that cello out in left field. So what you are saying is you accept the defaults in sib. That is what put my cello so far away in the first place. Have you ever centered everything first in sib and then taken the midi into sonar? I guess that that is what I will have to do. The drawback to that is that I already did all of the work on that track in sonar and I guess that means I have to once again add all of the velocity changes again.

    Thanks for getting back to me. I was going to just PM you and ask, but I didn't want to be so forward.


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    Re: Sonar And Sibelius Panning


    I do appreciate the help once again.

    I have a few hours tied up in the midi track of the cello in this, so I really do not wish to start over with a new midi from Sibelius.

    To me the cello in this sounds like it is not sitting with the other 2 guys. He seems to be playing off in the corner somewhere while the flute and the piano are center stage. To bring him, in I try panning in sonar and it just does't bring him in right. I thyink thyat is because in Sibelius he was too far right in the default setting. So I have tried adding another midi to the mix with the cello a little more centered, but the additions and changes I made to the original midi for the cello and the new midi just don't sound right together. I also tried just importing an audio of the Cello only and it also made it sound as if I had 2 cellos on the stage.

    Maybe I am too close to this to tell anymore. Here is the file as an mp3 with the work I have done to now.


    Do you see anyway to bring the cello in a little, or do you think I am making too big of a deal out of it and just pay more attention when I first bring in a midi?

    Or is there a way to copy all the control data and add that to a new midi?


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    Re: Sonar And Sibelius Panning

    I have worked today and gone to school and then studied. so I know what you mean by a long day. I am beat myself but I still have to study some more. Thanks again for the help and have a great night.


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