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Topic: Problem with virtual instruments

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    Problem with virtual instruments

    Hi there

    I have a roland e68 keyboard, and i recently try virtual instruments.
    I bought a usb-midi wire (10-20€), and i began to try virtual b3 hammond.

    On windows, with the b4 from the native instruments, and with Asio4all drivers, i don't have any latency (not more than 20ms), but i have another bug.

    I'm unable to play more than one note per second. The first one is ok (no latency), but the second is ignored... And the only note that can be played often stay jamed when i release it.

    I also tried with a linux, and Beatrix (another virtual b3), and i have the same problem...
    So i don't think it's a problem with the virtual instrument software, or with the operating system...

    Does someone have an idea ?
    Problem with my keyboard ?
    Problem with my wire ?
    Problem with my audio chipset ?
    Problem with usb ?

    I hope someone have a solution, except buying an expensive audio card...
    Thank you in advance


    PS : Sorry for my english

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    Re: Problem with virtual instruments

    I see that you are a new member here, so welcome.

    I see that nobody has replied. I cant think what is causing this, what host programme are you using to run the VI or are you running it stand-alone?

    When a keyboard sends a midi signal there is a note-on instruction then a note-off instruction when you lift the key. It sounds to me that you are losing the note-off instruction. Does your keyboard have a way of controlling this ?
    Is the keyboard set only to Local ?

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    Re: Problem with virtual instruments


    I'm using the stand-alone version. Should i run the vi with something like Cubase to have more options ?

    I don't have any way to control the note/off instructions. Moreover i think that every message can be lost, because some notes are note played.
    It seems to be something like 1 message every second only, note on or note of (and 1 note only)...difficult for playing
    The keyboard is not set only to local.
    I only open 1 midi port, set to 1st port.

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