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Topic: Help with piano velocity

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    Help with piano velocity

    Hey guys,

    I'm back trying to use Garritan again and need some advice on how to get a piano part to sound real regarding velocity for each note.

    I do play the piano, but I like to key the notes in Sonar with the mouse so it is just like I want it, not like I hope it will be if I play it in!

    Do any of you have tricks on making the velocity sound right after you key it in or during the keying?

    Earl Green

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    Re: Help with piano velocity

    I'm not sure there are any 'tricks' for this. Mostly it's a question of critical listening and tweaking the notes.

    You can right-click the notes in the Stave View or Piano Roll View to change the velocity. You can also use the menu item, Process-Scale Velocity for crescendos and decrescendos.

    Pay attention to phrasing. Does it 'breathe' rather than sound mechanical. Adding constant SUBTLE tempo changes helps.

    Don't forget about the pedal. Pianists constantly depress/release the pedal to get a rich, warm sound without creating a muddy mess.

    Finally, you can post it in the Listening Room for helpful feedback.
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    Re: Help with piano velocity

    Well, I think that playing it in, or using step time input will get you the best sound and shadings. You can then tweak with the mouse as needed. Heavy mouse usage can cause an abundance of aches and pains. Pedal probably should be a little less than on an acoustic piano, as it can easily overload your system.


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    Re: Help with piano velocity

    Thanks for the ideas. I forgot about Process-Scale-Vel!

    I do wish Cakewalk would add midi commands for dynamics like in Finale. What a help that would be.

    But, I can use vel scale, volume and tempi to make it work.

    Thanks again.
    Earl Green

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