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Topic: Indestructible Cases For Usb Dongles

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    Indestructible Cases For Usb Dongles

    I use the term "Indestructible" lightly..
    Are there any Indestructible usb hubs or small cases for usb dongles ?
    Some sort of case so the dongle is not sticking out from the laptop begging to be snapped off

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    Re: Indestructible Cases For Usb Dongles

    This would be good. I smashed my Cubase USB dongle and put a right angled bend in it after only a few weeks of use, but I pushed all the bits together, bent it straight and pushed it back in the socket, and it worked.
    I wouldnt recommend this tho'.
    Damaging these is so easy to do

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    Re: Indestructible Cases For Usb Dongles

    I have mine (cubase and vienna) on an external hub that is powered. Hard to break it (the hub moves) and the powered hub is supposed to be better for the dongle (according to a guy at ADK who gave me this one). For a laptop I am sure you can get a a small portable hub and have less to worry about.


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    Re: Indestructible Cases For Usb Dongles

    I expect to be able to avoid dongles forever. But I did read something theoretically interesting, in which a guy described how he fastened a little hub inside his case and kept the dongles plugged in there. He was primarily worried about potential theft of them from his gig machine, but they'd be protected from bashing in the studio, as well.

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    Re: Indestructible Cases For Usb Dongles

    Quote Originally Posted by memyselfandus View Post
    Just in case anyone else is looking

    Yea. Those shorties are great. I've got one for my USB Memory stick for "hard to fit" situations.

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    Re: Indestructible Cases For Usb Dongles

    With multiple dongles, I use one of these, and so far it's worked very well.


    I keep it in my briefcase when I'm not composing.

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