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Topic: Reunion (A brief bit of underscoring from "Madhouse")

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    Reunion (A brief bit of underscoring from "Madhouse")

    This is the music that accompanies a pivotal scene at the end of my musical "Madhouse."

    The character of Butch was raised believing that his father was killed. So, he has sworn revenge on his father's supposed killer. He frequently changes who he believes is responsible, but when he does, he is persistent in his accusations. His pursuit of Dr. Daniels is a main focus of the second act. However, all is set right with the arrival of Butch's father.

    The clarinet solo at the beginning (which is a reprise of one of Butch's earlier songs) plays when Butch cautiously approaches his father, and the orchestra comes in when they embrace. The light woodwind bit in the middle has a couple of lines over it. Finally, the music fades out as more dialogue begins. The musical silence in the actual show is much longer because of one character's monologue. The final hit acts as a stinger for a brief joke following said monologue.



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    Re: Reunion (A brief bit of underscoring from "Madhouse")

    Nice job on this, CoolZidane.

    Keep it coming!



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