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Topic: Another Finale malfunctioning

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    Unhappy Another Finale malfunctioning

    Perhaps a subject more sutible for the finale support forums, but then again I like you guys better..

    My program did the strangest thing this day.
    I was listening through a piece of music (in finale, with GPO) when suddenly the sound turned into something I would discribe as white noise. I paused the playback, and it stopped. Then a second or so later the computer rebooted . Strange indeed. After the reboot I started Finale again and started to listen to another piece, same thing happens.

    After a second rebot I open up finale, (again ), after writing some notes I discover that I can't undo.The hotkey Ctrl+z and the undo button under the edit tag seems to be disabled. Another strange thing is when I want to empty a measure of its content by selecting it and pressing delete it takes finale something like 15 sec to update the visual feedback. In other words the deleted notes will remain on the score for a while after they been deleted.

    I tried to update Finale but without success. I have never experienced anything like this before and have no idea of what to do. Any clues?
    Regards Danial Zainali
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    Re: Another Finale malfunctioning


    It sounds like your preferences got trashed when the computer rebooted itself. This is easily fixed by deleting the file "Finale.ini"

    Usually if you find that <CTRL>Z is disabled, you can re-enable it again in program options. (Edit->Program Options->Edit)

    What is of concern is what caused the crash in the first place. I have only ever experiences something similar while playing a midi file which used too many voices on the same midi channel, causing my Audigy to lock up then reboot the computer. I don't think that your crash is the same, seeing as you're using GPO. You may want to keep an eye on this. If it happens again, I would recommend testing your memory thoroughly using Memtest86+ http://www.memtest.org/ (of course, this is only valid if you're using an Intel based PC)

    Post Edit: Just on the topic of updating, how did you update? If you used the "Automatic" update feature, I've found it never to work on my computer. Instead, go to the Finale Support site, and manually search for updates. There has only been one for Finale2008 so far (Finale2008a) so if you are already running Finale2008a, don't bother.


    Daz :0)

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    Re: Another Finale malfunctioning

    Clean Drive (You need a lot of temp storage space)

    Are you Uisong a lot of GPO instruments?

    You need to have tons of ram (memory) and very few things running in the background (actually none is prefered)

    Some times your soundcard may crash the system if it gets overloaded. I recommend a m-audio 24/96.

    Check your latency setting on the card. Needs to be high.

    I've experienced the same (not a crash, but the noise) and it happens in a large crescendo with HP turned on. Try turning HP off and see if it helps.

    And yes, delete the Finale.ini file. It will re-appear the next time you run Finale.

    One last idea - check with Finale Support, they sometimes come through. They may want to have you file to check the cause. I've sent them some before and they have always given me good advice or fixes!
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    Re: Another Finale malfunctioning

    I'm back in business! Thanks guys!
    Regards Danial Zainali
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