hello everyone

i am a classical composer and i work with Sonar5, Miroslav Philhamonic and EW.QL. Symphonic orchestra gold.

When i listen to my compositions with headphones, it sounds great, but when i burn the wav. file on cd and play it on a stereo, it sounds really bad.

I read on some forums that this has to do with mixing and mastering. But i really would like to focus on composing instead of mixing .

Is there someone out here, who can mix and master my compositions, so it sounds great when you play it on a stereo ? I always compose for symphony orchestra.
Maybe some of you found some good settings and effects, to get a realistic symphony orchestra recording.

I already made some great string sounds by layering diiferent samples in EWQL gold.

I am willing to pay (a small fee) for your services.

Please, if you think you can help me, email me at rdenessen@planet.nl

You can email me in dutch, english or german language

Kind regards