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Topic: I've never seen this before.

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    I've never seen this before.

    I'm looking at the score of Mozart's Symphony No. 32, and there's a section in the Violin I part that has four notes per measure, equally spaced, in common time, only it's four half notes per measure, and they're beamed together like sixteenth notes, and I have no clue what Tempo I means.

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    Re: I've never seen this before.

    Without seeing it I'd say it was a tremolando - i.e. for the space of a half note the violins alternate the first pair of notes, in 16th notes, then for the next half note they alternate the second pair. Sometimes it is notated without the cross beams quite touching the stems of the half notes, but you will also find it with them joined up, which is confusing.

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    Re: I've never seen this before.

    And "Tempo I" just means a return to the first tempo, for example following a ritardando or a section in a slower tempo.
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    Re: I've never seen this before.

    Thank you very much, and yes, it was tremolando, I searched it in google images, and on the first page was a picture of exactly what i saw. Also, thanks for clearing up what Tempo I means, I figured out today what it means, I saw it in a score with bpm written next to the tempo.

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