First, anyone here using Samplitude (any version)? I was sent a copy of Samplitude SE from a good friend. Interestingly, I was able to render one of my projects from Cubase SE3 to midi 1 file and load into Samplitude SE V9. I use GPO and had to load in instruments again because it seems Cubase saved the midi file tracks but not the instrument set up. Not a problem this time around but will work on it later. I just loaded in GPO from my copy of track settings.
OK, enough of the rambling! Here's what I need to find out. How do I get Samplitude to copy or recognize the modulation settings used for GPO? All the editing is there but the modulation is just that, "modulation" and not expression as pertains to GPO use.
Anyone with experience using Samplitude will be greatly appreciated.