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Topic: MOPADs -To Glue or not to Glue?

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    MOPADs -To Glue or not to Glue?

    OK I went with the advice of several members and got the Auralex Mopads, which are great. The thing is my speakers are going to be in a fairly exposed spot, and I will have to squeeze past them regularly to get to the power outlet for my whole studio. At the moment the speakers are loose on top of the Mopads, which are themselves in four unattached parts, which are loose on top of my speaker stands. A whole lot of potentially mobile parts.

    So I was wondering what people's opinions were on gluing together the parts of the Mopad, and possibly then gluing the whole thing to the speaker stands? That way the speakers would be the only mobile part. But would gluing the parts of the Mopad together reduce their elasticity and defeat the object?

    Sorry to bother people, but I've read some real rubbish on some of the other forums I tried, whereas I really respect the knowledge of a lot of people here.

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    Re: MOPADs -To Glue or not to Glue?

    I've never used them but consider them for future use. Something tells me cluing them together and to your stands may not be the thing to do for the long run. If you ever need to take them off your stands, you will run the risk of damaging them either slightly or extensively. There are "temporary" clues that work some what well if you do not saturate the surfaces too much. 3M has an inexpensive spray glue that only "tacks" the foam to a surface and again I stress, as long as you don't saturate the surfaces.
    Still, I myself would not clue the mopads but that's just my 4 1/2 cents.

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    Re: MOPADs -To Glue or not to Glue?

    I wouldn't glue them. Speakers are heavy. They'll hold them in place. I haven't had one move on me yet.

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    Re: MOPADs -To Glue or not to Glue?

    I'd leave everything unglued and explore the option of using a power strip or power conditioner to move the location of your rig's power switch. In a way, I have a similar situation in that it would be awkward to get behind my rig to power it up and down, and I'd have to carefully step over a fair amount of cabling to do that. To make things easier, I bought a Furman M-8L power conditioner which sits in the rack on my desktop and provides a nice large, and easily reachable, power switch. There are a bunch of power outlets on the back which helps to reduce clutter as well.
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