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Topic: No T - I apologize, really, no really I do ...

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    Red face No T - I apologize, really, no really I do ...

    I apologize for not listening to the vast number of demos on the listening page. Most days the only time I have to listen is during my lunch break here at the school. For some odd reason the school district blocks the majority of the downloads and it doesn't stop there. At home I just ... I mean I do ... well, what I'm saying is ... hey! What's that over there?

    I enjoy hearing what all of you accomplished especially with GPO and find all of what I can listen to very enjoyable and I promise to make more time devoted to hearing as many as possible while eating my soup.

    So, to make a short apology long, I will try me hardest and lend an ear to listen to as many as Gary permits me too. (you see, the real reason I can't listen is because Gary had me earmuffs super glued around me ears so it's tough to hear talking yet along any music. I suppose I shouldn't have bought Ralph's Not So Personal Library of De-tuned Orchestral Instruments Plus Banjo).
    I'm sorry Gary.

    Ya think I should try knitting instead of this?

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    Re: No T - I apologize, really, no really I do ...

    Riiiight. . . .You just want a free library.


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