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Topic: The Story of My Son [by Alex Davis]

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    Lightbulb The Story of My Son [by Alex Davis]

    The Story of My Son [by Alex Davis]
    Story of My Son is the final, climactic cue from a beautiful short tale by Ben Carland. The orchestra was created through a painstaking process of balancing various string samples, mostly coming from Vienna Symphonic Library. Hope you enjoy!
    Genre: Instrumental
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    Re: The Story of My Son [by Alex Davis]

    That was beautiful Alex. I'd be curious as what is the most painful part of the painstaking process!
    What is the usual approach you take from composition to orchestration to mixing?



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    Re: The Story of My Son [by Alex Davis]

    Hey Eric,

    Thanks for the compliment! The toughest part was definitely blending string layers. It's so difficult to come out with something expressive, but not too "up front" in the mix. I wrote this awhile ago, just before the VSL VI's came out, so it was a pretty painstaking process to assemble all of the performance legato stuff. Ugh, it hurts just to think about it .

    When I'm creating orchestral music with the computer, I definitely write and orchestrate simultaneously. The mix, while it should be on my mind the whole time, doesn't really become important for me until the end. But then I go crazy tweaking EQ's, room tones, etc.

    If you listen REALLY carefully, you can hear Maarten Spruijt's orchestral noise in the background, along with some of Bela's as well.


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