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Topic: Is GPO Simple?

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    Is GPO Simple?

    Hi there,

    I'm new to orchestrating, and very new to GPO. I started working with synthesizers in FL Studio 6 Demo version about a year ago. Recently I was suggested GPO only a few months ago by ZREO's FireGS.

    My question is this, Is Garritan Personal Orchestra simple to use? What is the interface like?

    I'm asking this because before I put out $200 for a program, I would like to know what I'm getting, and how it works. And unfortunately, GPO can't have free trials.

    So would anyone post screenshots, ect of how the interface works?

    Thanks in advance,


    p.s. Sorry if my wording is strange, I am totally new to the GPO scene and I didn't know what to say, especially considering I'm working with different software.

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    Re: Is GPO Simple?

    Hi Mooshykris,

    GPO really is simple to use. It is pretty worthless though to publish screenshots because the instruments are played via a range of different tools and interfaces.

    The key thing with GPO is using the various CC controllers to vary the timbre and other aspects of dynamics.

    It really is extremely simple. You will not be disappointed!

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    Re: Is GPO Simple?

    First, welcome to this community. Let me try to explain a couple of things about GPO.
    GPO is a virtual instrument, that means it's a box that listens to MIDI commands and outputs an audio signal depending on the commands and the instrument chosen.
    You have two basic methods for controlling GPO:
    1) A MIDI keyboard attached to your computer. Then GPO performs what you play.
    2) MIDI commands entered via software. For this, you need a sequencer (Logic, Sonar, Cubase...) or a notation program (Finale, Sibelius,...)

    So if GPO is easy to use, depends on what are you going to do with it, and what programs you will be using.

    Anyway, GPO is more easy to use than other orchestral virtual instruments around. For example, if you use a MIDI keyboard you can get a nice sound with the help of the mod wheel and a sustain pedal. In addition, GPO comes with a basic sequencer (Cubasis), a notation program (Overture LE) and a reverb (Ambience), which gives you the basic tools for working with the instruments.

    I guess that if you want to learn orchestration, the easyest solution is to use a notation program with GPO.

    Maybe all this is a little confusing. I hope it helps you a little bit.


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    Re: Is GPO Simple?

    First. . . Welcome to the forum! The members here, of course, use the Garritan products including GPO. But what is nice to know is that the membership here is quite friendly and supportive to each other. I wish to add this comment for consideration when deciding to purchase GPO.

    Relatively speaking, GPO is easy to use. As others have pointed out, it is very helpful to have a midi-controller as some sort. Others, however, create wonderful music without one. For me, though, having a midi controller with lots of turn-knobs and faders (I use M-Audio's Keystation Pro 88) really helps make instrumental libraries like GPO SING in a relatively easy fashion. My modest recommendation is that purchasing a midi-controller (if you currently don't own one) would be a worthwhile investment if you decide to purchase an instrumental sound library like GPO.

    There are many instrumental sound libraries like GPO out there. They all have the pluses and their minuses. I have to say that GPO is STILL the "Best Bang for the Buck" with all things considered. The first thing to consider is its sound, of course. To my ears, the orchestral sounds of GPO sounds great! The other thing to consider is, as mentioned, its relative ease of use. But this is especially true if you have some way to control the midi events like Modulation and other midi command control.

    Good luck with your decision. . . . and, again, welcome!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Is GPO Simple?

    If you're curious how it works, I recommend you check out some of the stuff on the tutorials page. Most are a little dated; the interface has changed, but you'll be able to get the gist.


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    Re: Is GPO Simple?

    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolano View Post
    In addition, GPO comes with a basic sequencer (Cubasis), a notation program (Overture LE)
    This has not been true for years. V1 had them, but V2 and V3 do not.

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    Re: Is GPO Simple?

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig F View Post
    This has not been true for years. V1 had them, but V2 and V3 do not.
    Sorry for the mistake... I'm a little outdated.

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    Re: Is GPO Simple?

    Thank you everyone for your support! I'm glad to know I have support, even though I'm not yet involved in any way with Garritan Libraries.

    My next question is this,

    All of you have mentioned that the biggest thing about GPO is the software to run it. Does this software come with GPO, or do you have to buy it separatly?

    I currently am working on getting the funds for GPO, and don't have ANY funds for any external software/hardware.

    Another related question, is, seeing images on the main Garritan site of how GPO works with Kontaxt (sp) or something to that effect. Out of curiosity, do you think it GPO could actually work with FL Studio 6 or 7 in the case you have to buy an external program?

    I'm asking this because the images of GPO and it's relatives with that instrument player appears the same as a synthesizer or sampler plugin for FL Studio.

    Thanks again,


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    Thumbs up Re: Is GPO Simple?

    Hi and welcome to the forum!
    I will not repeat any of what the other have said about GPO. I will say dollar for dollar you will find your $200 is worth every penny and probably wonder how such a fantastic tool be so reasonably priced! If you compose, write, orchestrate, record and need excellent orchestral samples for background you will not be disappointed. GPO is only limited by your imagination.
    This is it man! One of the best you will ever spend a couple of hundred on! Go for it!

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    Re: Is GPO Simple?

    Oh, half off topic for a second.

    Am I allowed to on these forums (not the Garritan forum, but northersounds in general), am I able to discuss my work using soundfonts and FL Studio, or is it limited to Garritan Libraries, Finale, ect, ect, ect?


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