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Topic: Desperately Need The Stradivarius!!!

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    Desperately Need The Stradivarius!!!

    Hey everyone

    Sorry Ive been absent for a while, Ive been mighty busy, and now I have a request, which I suppose Gary can only really answer!

    I NEED THE STRADIVARIUS!!! i am now embarking on the extended project for my masters in soundtrack writing, and its to write a complete score to the 1 hour 40 min film, "Hard times". The score is to be a full romantic orchestral score, and I desperately want to use solo violin, but only if it sounds amazing!

    I already own the Gofrillor cello, and so know for sure that Garritan's Strad is the best violin available, but its not on sale anymore.

    I know that there are other violin libraries out there, but Being an experienced user of GPO (and JABB and Gofrillor) I know how easy Garritan products are to use, and how well the work together. And how good they can sound.

    Can anyone help me?


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