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Topic: Update GPO & Kontakt player 2

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    Exclamation Update GPO & Kontakt player 2

    Hello everybody,

    I tried a few times to update GPO by installing the new kontakt player 2. And it looks that everything goes good. Till I start up the program then the whole computer resets .
    Can it be that my computer is to slow or is there something with the update?
    Please can somone help me. I'd like to play with the new update(s) .


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    Re: Update GPO & Kontakt player 2

    Hello Johannes -

    Please provide a detailed account of your computer and operating system. Is is a Mac? Is is a MacPro? If it's a Mac, are you using the Tiger or Leopard operating system? Is is a PC? If so, which Microsoft operating system are you using.

    It could be the "strength" of your computer. How old is it? What type of CPU? How much RAM? Etc., etc., etc.

    I'm going away from my computer for a good portion of the day. I will return and check to see if you've posted further information on your computer. Hopefully by then, someone would have helped you. If not, when you post more information, I hope to be of help. In the meanwhile, we need more information.


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    Re: Update GPO & Kontakt player 2

    And one more important thing: Which soundcard do you have? Does it have ASIO drivers?

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