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Topic: recording KP2 as stand-alone in Sonar

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    recording KP2 as stand-alone in Sonar

    I may be missing something really simple here, but all I want to be able to do is record a real-time performance using KP2 as a stand-alone onto an audio track of Sonar 7. I know how to record a MIDI track of info and then transfer it to audio, but I would like to just record directly. Is this possible? I've looked through all of my manuals and I haven't found anything that pertains to this. I open KP2 and play whatever sound I want with my MIDI keyboard and I hear the sound through my speakers, I open Sonar but I can't get the audio signal that I hear to record on the audio track. Can anyone offer some advice on this? Thanks.

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    Re: recording KP2 as stand-alone in Sonar

    It should be a question of routing your audio outputs from standalone player to be the audio inputs of your Sonar audio track. Exactly how you would do this and what problems you might encounter (eg channels being exclusively 'grabbed' by the player/Sonar) depend on what soundcard/device you have.

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    Re: recording KP2 as stand-alone in Sonar

    thanks for your reply. My standalone player is the KP2, I've been trying to configure the outputs, but I'm not sure I understand how to do this to record directly to Sonar. My soundcard is just an internal SignaTel on a laptop. Neither the KP2 or Sonar is "grabbing" the other in either of the input/outputs.

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    Re: recording KP2 as stand-alone in Sonar

    OK I just tried it on my system, it works and all I had to do was this:
    1) check the OUTPUT DEVICE under FILE...AUDIO/MIDI SET UP in KP2.
    2) check the device in Sonar under OPTIONS...AUDIO...DRIVERS and make sure that the device in use is the same in 1) and 2).
    3) in SONAR for the Track Input (labelled I) choose the 'mixdown' output from your sound card, and arm the track for record

    When I play the KP2 player now, the Sonar meters light up and I can record.

    Your soundcard might not support two applications accessing it at the same time (or you may have to set an option on your soundcard applet to enable it).

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    Re: recording KP2 as stand-alone in Sonar

    thank you, L0W, for taking the time to help me with this. I guess my soundcard is at fault because when I get to step 3 above, I only get the Left / Right / Stereo options with my soundcard. I suppose it's not a multi-client and doesn't "support two applications accessing it at the same time" like you mentioned. I thought that doing this would be a really simple idea and wouldn't depend much on the soundcard, but I guess it's something else to think about when shopping for an new soundcard/audio interface.

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