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Topic: Canzone per i defunti

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    Canzone per i defunti

    Hey all,

    I haven't been around for a while but guess I'm somewhat back. In any case, I just finished this tune and was wondering what people think of it. It's a symphonic chamberblues song, and if that don't exist your guess is as good as mine. All sounds from Garritan Personal Orchestra, except for the electric guitar which I played myself. Hope people like it!


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    Re: Canzone per i defunti

    This is certainly very difficult to categorise (but why shuold you have to!?)

    It reminds me of somehow of a cross between a Yiddish folk piece and Pink Floyd!

    Well done and thanks for posting.

    NIce touch with the guitar by the way.

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    Re: Canzone per i defunti

    This is a very interesting piece of music. A tense beginning and an apparently blusy part with e-guitar. Then the tension comes back. Unique.
    Jun Yamamoto
    Tokyo, Japan

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    Re: Canzone per i defunti

    Thanks for listening!

    Alan Perkins: heh, that's a nice way to describe it!
    Jun Yamamoto: thanks. This is just a 'practice piece', my goal is to create one 'song' that tells a story through narration. It should morph easily between orchestral parts with a symphonic choir and 'thinner' parts with some modern instruments and solo vocal tracks. Think 'The Wall' but easier to follow without the movie and with more 'classical' influences. Will be a long time before I can do that but one can hope.

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    Re: Canzone per i defunti

    I'd echo Alan about the guitar. I think it's a really nice effect--and central to the piece.

    While I firmly believe that what each of us creates is uniquely our own, and I'm extremely reluctant to "suggest" anything to change the content, I have to tell you that my ears "hear" a Tympani roll behind certain string passages.

    That being said, I'm looking forward to the next "chapter" in this saga. Nicely done.


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    Re: Canzone per i defunti

    Hey Joe, thanks for listening. As for suggesting changes: don't hold back. Even if I don't agree it'll allow me to better understand how other people perceive my music. This is really a piece to experiment with form and sounds and how to make the transistion between the 'pure orchestral' sounds and the 'modern' bits and I know I've much to learn. As for your timpani suggestion: of all the different orchestral sections the percussion is probably the one I know least about. In an earlier piece I used them in a completely overkill-manner so I've been a bit scared to use them again. But your suggestion reminds me that I should learn more about it instead of shying away from percussion completely.

    Thanks for listening and the feedback!

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    Senior Member rpearl's Avatar
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    Re: Canzone per i defunti

    Great range of moods; and the way you make the transitions is very well done. Things morph/change into the next character seamlessly; it makes for quite an interesting journey.

    Thanks for posting this!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Canzone per i defunti

    It sounds like compilation of several pieces.I like part at 0:40 and 3:57.

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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Shelton, Washington State

    Re: Canzone per i defunti

    Benny Anderson's musical arrangements comes to mind with more of a dark Pink Floyd flavor and bluesy guitar instead of the distorted guitar sound he used.

    It's an interesting musical collage you have put together. It takes you to a different place.


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    Re: Canzone per i defunti

    Quote Originally Posted by Sleutelbos View Post

    It's a symphonic chamberblues song, and if that don't exist your guess is as good as mine.
    I don't know either... lol -- but I liked the concept, Sleu.
    That bluesy guitar sliding out of the rich, dark orchestral
    background fits in there like a hand in a glove... unexpected
    as it seems.

    Some really nice guitar work in this.



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