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Topic: Tuning in KP2

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    Tuning in KP2

    I can set the master tuning in the free standing Kp2, but somehow in Sonar I can't get it done. With the mouse I can point to it, the cursor appears, but there is no reaction when I type in a new value.

    I know I can also turn that knob, but I managed to get it a some weird tuning (don't know how), but can't set it back to 440 Hz.

    It is driving me crazy.....


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    Re: Tuning in KP2

    If hold down the shift key while turning the knob, you can get finer control so you can get it back to an even 440.

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    Re: Tuning in KP2

    Great! I didn't try this, but I trust you. This is what I was waiting for and needed.

    Have a nice weekend, you made mine


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    Re: Tuning in KP2

    If you CTRL+click knobs, they reset to their default value. This is 440 Hz for the Mastertune knob.

    In Sonar, the plugins have a tiny keyboard like icon in the upper right corner. If you click it, you pass all computer keyboard input on to the plugin, incl. Sonar Hotkeys. Click it again to get your Hotkeys back. Try this the next time a plugin doesn't respond to your computer keyboard.

    EDIT: I get it now. It's the Instrument Tune, that troubled you. Well, you can never type in Instrument knob values, plugin as well as stand alone. With Instrument knobs the only options are drag, SHIFT+drag and CTRL+click.

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    Re: Tuning in KP2

    Nickie, thanks. I tried it. The problem persists. The only thing I want to do it is to getting another base-tuning. For the harpsichord, played the 17th-18th century way, I need to adjust the tuning of several notes. Last night I spent several hours to get it sorted out, mathematical speeking.

    I thought that when I can alter the master tuning I could go along quite easy. The point is that with Sonar I made a bunch of tracks all explicitely dedicated to one note. So I have a track with all A5's, another with B4's etc.
    I also have twelve KP2 players, you see this is the scale.

    Now I have to adjust the base tuning to the one I want (Werckmeister III), telling the system that for the tracks with C I need 443.08 Hz as the tuning, and for C# 440.44 Hz and so on. I can alter them to my needs, but the settings aren't saved. Leaving Sonar after saving the file gives me always another base tuning.

    This annoys me very much, so I must look for another mathematical solution.


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    Re: Tuning in KP2


    What you need to do is figure out what the difference between your note and 12 tone equal temperament is and then convert that difference to cents.

    Then use the Tune button for each instrument patch (The Master Tune button is not going to work for you). Again, hold down the shift key to get cents rather than semitone increments. The problem with this is each note of each instrument will need a different patch. (a lot of work).

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    Re: Tuning in KP2

    This is the Werkmeister III tuning in cents. Use this the way Craig suggests. That should be the easiest way to do it short of using a Kontakt script (buying K2 with its microtuning script would save you a lot of time).

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    Re: Tuning in KP2

    If you wanted to keep A=440, wouldn't A=0 cents not C?

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    Re: Tuning in KP2

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig F View Post
    If you wanted to keep A=440, wouldn't A=0 cents not C?
    Sure - if A is your Tonic. The table tells you the difference between the Tonic (C) and the rest of the scale. You have to transpose it of course.

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    Re: Tuning in KP2

    Many thanks folks,

    this story didn't end yet. Searched the Internet again and found for Werckmeister III different settings, frequencies and cents (not money!!).

    To be sure in this tuning business. The Pitchbend in the Instrument is just the pitchbend in semitones (at least that is written in the manual).
    The tuning gives me the number of cents plus or minus and applying the Shift key I can fine-tune this to digits behind the comma.


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