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Topic: M-audio Trigger Finger - Anyone ? HELP NEEDED

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    M-audio Trigger Finger - Anyone ? HELP NEEDED

    I bought a Trigger Finger with the believe that I would make percussion a breeze, and help me from not breaking my keys on my keyboard by pressing to so hard.

    Well, I installed it, and use it with Kontakt 3. I use all my samples, Garritan, Eastwest Gold Pro XY, Stormdrum etc. etc.. The pads works and I know how to assign them. However, I cannot for the life of me, figure out how to assign the faders and the knobs.

    I use the program Enigma that came with the Trigger Finger and loading presets and them sending them to my Trigger Finger device has no effect.

    It is just so random. Sometimes the F1 fader would be volume, other times it will not even work. The knobs have no function and I just cannot figure out how to assign tasks to them.

    Does anybody own one, and can someone please try to offer some advise or help me just figure this out. I was so excited to get this, and know I feel really frustrated. I cannot find ANY help on the internet whatsoever.

    Hopefully someone here has one an can offer me some advise.

    Thanks guys !!!
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    Re: M-audio Trigger Finger - Anyone ? HELP NEEDED

    I own one, but I'm afraid I'm in the same boat. I load a preset, send it to the Trigger Finger, lights flash to indicate activity.....then nothing. As you say, there seems to be no mention of the issue online, so you and I must be the only two who couldn't figure it out, and the manual sucks.

    I would have simply returned mine, but I've had it too long. I breifly tried it out when I got it, and assumed that this issue was something simple that I would sort out when I got more time on it. I assumed that the fact that communication at least appeared to work in both directions meant everything was fine. Then I didn't get more time on it for over a year, so my warranty is expired.

    I would also be really grateful if anyone could tell me I'm doing something really stupid.

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    Re: M-audio Trigger Finger - Anyone ? HELP NEEDED

    Have you folks tried using a MIDI Monitor of some kind to see what (if anything) it's receiving/transmitting?

    Just search for "MIDI Monitor" and you will find a bunch of free ones.

    - k
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