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Topic: Final Fantasy Theme (BIG)

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    Final Fantasy Theme (BIG)

    Hey there,
    Just getting back on my mock-up feet, and finished working on this tonight. Mostly VSL, Westgate Winds, WIVI brass, and VSL/TrueStrike Percussion. Altiverb using the Todd AO early and LA Philharmonic tails. Comments?

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Final Fantasy Theme (BIG)

    As I mentioned earlier, it's pretty good ^^.


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    Re: Final Fantasy Theme (BIG)

    Hello Sam,

    this is really an excellent sounding demo. By the way, what strings were you using? VSL? I felt that the reverb was done really well. The different lines sound clear and flowing.

    The string parts, well, everything actually, just seems to "sing" with expression really well. Great musicianship in the programming and the music.

    Thank you for sharing this.



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    Re: Final Fantasy Theme (BIG)

    Yep, VSL Appassionata Strings for the First Violins, standard + solo for the 2nd, Standard AND Appassionata for the divisi Viola lines, Appassionata Celli + solo cello, and Appassionata Basses + chamber string Basses. ^^
    ~Sam Ferrara~

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