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Topic: Trouble with KP2 remembering instrument volumes

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    Trouble with KP2 remembering instrument volumes

    I am running JABB on the KP2 v2.2.4.001 and using it within Cubase SX3 v3.1.1.944. I am posting in this more general forum (instead of the JABB forum) because my question is more generic around the KP2 unit.

    I like to build my drum kit multis separately and output the various instruments to separate mixer channels in Cubase so I can mix everything from Cubase's mixer instead of having to go back and forth between the Cubase mixer and other plugin mixers. So I typicially load up 5 sets of drum instruments into KP2. For example: 15INHIHAT | CYMBALS | SGL-LAYR-HD BASS DRUM | SGL-LAYR-HD SNARE | SGL-LAYR-HD TOMS. I set the individual volume on the instrument control panels to something that gives me a starting point balance that is appropriate to my project. The default -6 dB values are usually too low for how I am working and I usually bring most of them up to somewhere around 0-2 dB. Once KP2 is all set up as I wish, I then save this as a multi that I keep in the Cubase project folder.

    So far so good. No problems. I do what I need to do in Cubase and everything is playing, functioning as expected. I now save the Cubase project and close Cubase. When I reopen the Cubase project, the KP2 multis all load as they should except, and here's my problem, that the instrument volumes on the instrument control panels have been automatically put to -inf dB. So I either have to go back and reset the instrument volumes individually or I can reload the saved multi because when reloading the saved multi with the Cubase project already opened the instrument control panel volumes are preserved correctly.

    It didn't used to be like this. At sometime in the past (I am not sure when and that is unfortunate because it would probably help me to find the root cause) it was not like this. A reopened Cubase project would have the KP2 multis set-up as I left them. This issue is not something that stops me from using the VSTi as I simply reload the multi and all is as I left it, but it is a little frustrating. I am not sure if the problem is with Cubase or KP2. I guess that somewhere, sometime, I touched some default value without knowing that I did or without understanding the full consequences. I have tried looking at various default values and preferences in both Cubase and KP2 but so far I have not found the solution.

    If anyone has any ideas or insights into this, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: Trouble with KP2 remembering instrument volumes

    Any chance that someone else has ever had this problem?

    Or might have some ideas to help?
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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