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Topic: GPO Serial#??? What happened?

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    GPO Serial#??? What happened?

    I guess I'm finally getting myself caught up with the next decade. I upgraded my HD and decided to do a complete clean install. First time in 4 years (my personal testament to the stability of a good Mac OS). In doing so I'm finally upgrading GPO to the current version. Everything is working fine except I can't get GPO to be registered. The service center keeps telling me my Serial number is not valid. Any ideas on this? Is there a new Serial# issued? Any input would be great. Thanks


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    Re: GPO Serial#??? What happened?


    When you download the upgrade from KP1 to KP2, you also need to get a new serial number. The serial number is downloadable from the same page that you get the KP1->KP2 update. It is described as:
    "Serial number for Garritan Personal Orchestra Kontakt Player 2: Click the What's this/Info link!"

    As the description says, you need to click on the "What's this/Info" link to get the serial number.


    Daz :0)

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    Re: GPO Serial#??? What happened?

    Okay - i don't hate NI - but Gosh they sure confuse me. They've re-done ALL of the installers since I installed my komplete collection last. I'm so confused.....errrr Those dang pirates ay?

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    Re: GPO Serial#??? What happened?

    Exactly. Those dang, bloody pirates!

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