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Topic: Dna Omg

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    Dna Omg


    I saw it live at the Frankfurt Musikmesse.
    Unbelievable but true.
    This will turn the industry on its head and will change modern pop culture for ever.

    And i bet the FBI and CIA are already trying to buy the technology...........


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    Re: Dna Omg


    I was looking for a thread here describing the incredible new features of Melodyne. You were far to circumspect. This is a watershed piece of software. Folks if you haven't heard the news, Melodyne will now be able to reach inside a chord and allow you to edit individual audio notes of polyphonic material. In the video they actually change a recorded guitar track from major to minor (and much more). All of the features which Melodyne has been capable of on monophonic material can now be used on individual notes within a polyphonic audio track. They take a Mozart string quartet and change it to minor. There will even be that holy grail, audio to midi capability. That's right feed it a string quartet and it will spit out a score. This may just be what gets me to buy a Mac so I can upgrade from Logic 5.51.

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    Re: Dna Omg

    Here is what Peter himself says taken from the Sonic State video interview portion around 14:45 into it.

    Because I don't know much about DSP stuff.
    I'm just um' well, I'm just thinking about music and I'm doing my programming as good as I can.

    I'm not trained in any DSP science or so because I think anyone can do it who is listening to music and looking carefully at pictures of say spectrograms or so and extracting from it.

    For me there's not great mystery about that.
    I think when he says "anyone" is a very powerful statement.
    Reminds me of "for now we see through a glass darkly". Some things are right in front of us and there is a special type of vision or "wow" moment when it becomes clear what we are really looking at. Like everytime I go get a new eyeglass prescription ;<)

    Very interesting indeed.
    Simeon Amburgey
    Sound Creations, Inc.
    Louisville, KY

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    Re: Dna Omg

    Peter is the Yoda of audiosoftware.
    A humble genius!

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    Re: Dna Omg

    Eureka!!! He managed to do it!!! Yeah!!!

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