Hey everyone, I am having issues keeping my kompakt and intakt players (eg Stormdrum, Adrenaline, etc) set to high audio resolutions. The problem happens in stand alone mode and within SONAR. When I first open a SONAR project the libraries play fine, but if I save a project then reopen it the pitch and the speed are now off (high pitch and too fast). In stand alone mode the player will default to 44.1 and when I try to change it to any higher resoluion like 88.2 I get a message that says the player was unable to change to the new sample rate configuration and to close and reopen it to become effective. If I do so the same thing happens and the player is set back to 44.1.

I'm on a quad core pc with MOTU 424e (2408mk3) as my audio interface and SONAR 7.0.2 as my DAW. I have tried both WDM and ASIO drivers with the correct settings in both the MOTU and SONAR, but cannot seem to get the players to stay at the higher resolution. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.