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Topic: Reinstall...express

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    Hi, I've just done a reinstall of XP and my main programs. So far, so good.
    Now to tackle both GPO and JABB. I have box versions from 2005,6, respectively.
    What I want to know is, how can I best and most efficiently get back to present update status?

    Do I need to do all the Kontakt Player updates, then KP2 and its updates?

    Can I leave any updates out? Otherwise I'm looking at 6 downloads and installs and registrations...you know, the NI treatment.

    Tomorrow (Tuesday, 18th) I plan to uninstall what I've begun and start fresh(with GPO and JABB). Even all my Komplete installations went well!

    So, hoping for any help, ASAP. Til then,


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    Re: Reinstall...express

    You should be able to just install the latest KP2 update that includes the library. Someone tried this recently and said it worked. I don't know if the 2.2.4 has the library included or not, 2.2.3 does. You will have to manually copy over the sample files (.nks) from the DVD.

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    Re: Reinstall...express

    Thanks for the reply.

    As it turns out, I went ahead and did it all step by step. It wasn't so bad.
    I was just having a "late-night-tired -of -this" fit. Just needed to get refreshed.
    And all the NI stuff registers much more easily than it did a year or two ago!

    Thanks...back to the music.

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