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Topic: Island of the Dragons

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    Island of the Dragons

    I finished this a while ago, but I'm way behind on my music posting...

    Here's my Island of the Dragons with typical Hannifinisms like many harp arpeggios and repeating melodies. However, it's my first piece to use the gong! I also use the low whistle from Bela D Media's Celtic Wind library, which I think mixes wonderfully with GPO. At 11 minutes, it's one of my longer pieces, but hopefully remains interesting throughout.

    MP3: http://www.wizardwalk.com/music2/Isl...he_Dragons.mp3

    I also recently finished a lullaby for the GPO harp and Bela D Media's Celtic Wind whistle, which again I think blend together superbly.

    MP3: http://www.wizardwalk.com/music2/Lul...AndWhistle.mp3
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrpgC3wv-u8

    Many thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Island of the Dragons

    You did a fine job, Mr. Sean. Good harp work. I enjoyed listening to your music. Thanks for posting.

    My Best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Island of the Dragons

    Hi Sean,

    I liked both works!
    They have, with their repetitional patterns, a mantra-like effect, but they also keep evolving and changing in different ways.
    The grand finale of 'Island of dragons' is very impressive!
    You did a very nice work with the whistle itself and its combination with the harp!
    Thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Island of the Dragons

    I love this. The main theme (I think there's actually a couple of main themes, but the main theme in a major key) is brilliant. It's been stuck in my head, though not annoyingly so. The addition of the whistle was very interesting, with the acciaccaturas, appoggiaturas, and such also.

    *on my iPod*
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    Re: Island of the Dragons


    FRom the opening lines in this, I knew I was listening to something special.

    Just a beautiful start in this. The gradual adding of the pieces works so well. I have tried to do this on many occasions and always end up with a much larger beginning then when it all started.

    I listened to both, althought the second one seems very familiar. Maybe it is just the art work done on youtube that you have used before?

    Love those Irish whistles. I may have to go out now and buy them!

    Well done!


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    Re: Island of the Dragons

    Hi Sean,

    Well, there's certainly nothing wrong with "repeating melodies" when they're as beautiful as the ones you came up with for Dragons. Excellent use of the Celtic whistle... and, of course, the gong! Very, very nice stuff!


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    Re: Island of the Dragons

    It's been a while since you have posted some music. I forgot how great your theme development skills are and your ear for melody. There seemed to be a little musical humor at the end.

    I also listened to and enjoyed your lullaby. Someday I hope you can play it for a much younger listener.


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    Re: Island of the Dragons

    Hey Sean, you wouldn't know anyone that has an Irish background now, would ye? Very Celtic and very nice!
    I like the lines you have twisted together (a musical Celtic knot). It works very well. It builds and builds to an intense feel just to back of and relax again. Is the melody original or an old folk song. It really has the character of having been around for a very long time. The more I have listened to it the more I have come to enjoy it and its little subleties. 11 minutes is not too long for a piece as this is. You get lost in the piece and time has no meaning.
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    Re: Island of the Dragons

    Both these pieces are so cute and beautiful. You have done a great orchestrating job with «Dragons». But I really love the harp and celtic flute. Thank you for this.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

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    Re: Island of the Dragons

    Very nice melodic work. I used to own a low whistle (which unfortunately didn't make it across the Pond). People used to call it my drainpipe. You really captured the Irish sound here - especially in your lullaby.

    I agree with other comments here that in Dragon, some of the phrasing seems to drop off a little too suddenly. My ear is asking for longer releases on the notes of your beautiful melodies. E.g. at 0:44, the C# could be a little longer but with more of a tail-off.

    Of course, that's just my taste and it's not a big thing. This was a treat to listen to. Thanks for sharing!


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