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Topic: Do you score for horror movies?

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    Do you score for horror movies?

    If you could have a collection of sounds for kontakt and such
    to use for scoring Music to horror movies, what types of sounds would you
    want to have in your collection? What is missing in this area?

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    Re: Do you score for horror movies?

    Yes, I score for horror (although mostly radio and shorts).

    Orchestral effects still work (scrapes, clusters, etc) but sound design is a far more modern sound. Pianos are still extremely effective.

    Like a lot of modern scoring, horror music works well with pads and hits that sound indistinct and unrecognisable. i.e. create a vague floating harmonic sound without using strings or woodwinds, just some kind of 'pad'. The same applies to hits and rhythmic devices.

    Anyway, the main instruments I use are Atmosphere, Stylus, A.I.R, Tsaiko, K2 & 3 libraries, K2 Experience & True Strike 1 & 2.

    Hope that's useful!

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    Re: Do you score for horror movies?

    I imagine Symphobia from ProjectSAM is going to help out the genre a bit.

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    Re: Do you score for horror movies?

    Absynth (3 in my case) is excellent for horror sound design.

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    Re: Do you score for horror movies?

    I've done TV promos for horror shows. The libraries depend on the style. For John Carpenter style shows I use Omnisphere, True Srike 1 and 2, and a bunch of cheesy synth libraries.

    For Spielberg (big budget style) films I mostly use Symphobia 1, Symphobia 2, True Strike 1 and 2, EWQLSO Gold, Sam Horns/trombones/Trumpets, Sam Harp, and of course Omnisphere.

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    Re: Do you score for horror movies?

    Heard the sound of a Piano pedal being pressed, depressed... from the new Omen Score.. its on youtube.. pretty cool..

    Using traditional instruments in a non-traditional way is great.

    Long and low ww breaths with microtonal and very slight undulations.

    Speedball on Gongs/ tamtams

    Piano strings being brushed with sustain....

    Whispering voices, almost inaudible


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    Re: Do you score for horror movies?

    Horror movies are almost my favorite to watch and i watched The Entity, Let The Right One In, Cemetery Man, Dawn of The Dead, Pet Semetary and In The Mouth of Madness. I prefer to watch all these movies at my home. These all movies are very famous in Hollywood.

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