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Topic: Musikmesse 2008 => Video presentations

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    Videos from Musikmesse 2008


    We had a great time at the Musikmesse 2008 in Frankfurt at the Best Service booth.
    For all of you who couldn't make it to Frankfurt, I produced some videos of the
    product presentations at the Best Service booth.
    The following videos are online:

    Best Service Booth
    Chris Hein - Bass
    Ethno World 4
    Musiclab - Real Strat
    Rob Papen - Predator 1.5
    Toontrack - EZ Drummer
    Big Fish - Vir2 instruments
    Project Sam - Symphobia
    Vital Arts - Plectrum
    Ueberschall - Score EFX
    Xsample - Chamber Ensemble

    Hope you like the videos, click here to watch them:

    If this link doesn't work, go here and click on video:

    Chris Hein
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    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: Videos from Musikmesse 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Hein View Post
    Project Sam - Symphobia
    The demos sounds very good indeed.
    Mac Pro Quad Core, 23" Apple Cinema, Logic Pro 8.x + VSL PRO Edition, some of the VI's, GPO, Ivory, Edirol UA-25 audio card, Event TR6 monitors, 1 girlfriend (Ines).

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    Re: Musikmesse 2008 => Video presentations

    Hi Chris,

    well done my friend!

    And: Thank you for the nice conversation at Musikmesse.


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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