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Topic: Please pray for us!

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    Please pray for us!

    OK I'm having one of the worst nights of my life. My wife, Zoe suffers from bipolar disorder, which we discovered when she made two suicide attempts a couple of years back.

    For the last month or so things have been getting really bad again - her meds seem to have stopped being effective, and they're still experimenting to find replacement alternatives. She's now under the care of a crisis team who call every day, and my mum spends the rest of the day with her, till I get home from work.

    Tonight Zoe came home from work in the worst state I have ever seen her. She was agitated beyond belief, and didn't know how to fight the urge to kill herself. So I took her to hospital in the hope that they would admit her, but they've simply discharged her with a sleeping tablet, which should stop her being able to do anything silly in the night.

    Those of you who do pray, please include us in your prayers and ask that we get through the week.

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    Re: Please pray for us!

    I already have Pingu, and will continue.


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    Re: Please pray for us!

    Consider it done, my friend. Prayers for Zoe, your mum and also for you. Take care.

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    Re: Please pray for us!

    Well what can I say I do feel for you, its rough
    I'm not much on religion but for this I'll go to St Joesphs tomorrow and lite a candle for you

    Its a church of miracles

    keep the faith

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    Re: Please pray for us!

    I am sorry to hear about what's happening to your wife. Tomorrow I will light a candle for her at the pool of Bethesda - the place where Jesus healed people here in Jerusalem. One for her so she gets better, one for you so you have the power to live through these hard times and one for me since I suffer from the same disorder.

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    Re: Please pray for us!

    I will Pingu, and I already have. I'll also call the church that i just started attending and ask them all to pray, believing for healing and peace.


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    Re: Please pray for us!

    Will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Re: Please pray for us!

    Thank you very, very much everyone. I've said it before, but this forum has got to be the nicest community on the web.

    Well Zoe's asleep now, so I'm going to join her.

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    Re: Please pray for us!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you -- stay strong and hopeful.

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    Re: Please pray for us!

    I'm sorry that you and your wife are having such hard times. A friend of mine is bi-polar and he tried any number of psychiatrists and meds until he finally went to a fancy psychiatric hospital in the Boston area (McLean's).

    Now he's doing well, with only an occasional up or down. All doctors are not created equal. If you haven't already, see if you can arrange for her to see someone at a top-rated facility in or near your area.

    I wish you both peace & happiness.
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