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Topic: Orchestra Hits

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    Orchestra Hits

    Hello All,

    This is my first post to the forum...I just bought GPO a couple of weeks ago, and am just starting to really get into it now...

    Anyway, I have one quick question (I have searched the forum, but did not find anything). I am learning composing, so please be kind!

    I am curious about orchestra hits...are they just a chord that is played by the entire orchestra? What instruments usually take part in a "hit"...is it all of them? Which instruments play which parts of the chord? Or, do I have it all wrong?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Orchestra Hits

    "Orchestra Hit" usually means a short, loud chord played by most, or all of an orchestra. It's often a major or minor chord, or even just unisons and octaves. Sometimes there might be a tiny diatonic run in flutes or violins leading up to a high note as well. All together, it's usually about a second in length.

    There are no pre-programmed "hits" in GPO. You'll have to put together your own out of the individual instruments.
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    Re: Orchestra Hits

    Thanks! That helps me out quite a bit...I am a guitarist, just starting to learn my way around an orchestra! I figured that I would have to build the hits myself...I just wasn't sure exactly what they consisted of!

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    Re: Orchestra Hits

    Quote Originally Posted by tman2k View Post
    I am a guitarist, just starting to learn my way around an orchestra!

    Start at lesson 1 and take your time. It will be well worth the effort.

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