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Topic: Car Crash

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    Car Crash

    I know GPO lends itself mostly for classical music (doh) but for this song I used it in a more 'pop'-kinda way. The piano is The Grand2 and the basses and French horns are from GPO. The sounds in the intro are done with an electric guitar and to top it of you get the feeble voice of yours truly.


    Car Crash

    There was noone left
    There was noone left
    What shall we tell the children?
    What shall we say?
    When noone has survived

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    Re: Car Crash

    After reading the lyric, I wasn't exactly expecting another Don't Worry, Be Happy... but, boy, this is definitely dark!

    Having said that, there's also distinctively creative juice behind this (hopefully not a personal experience) and an inexorable slow pulse that pulls the listener through.

    From the rendering/mixing standpoint, the deep reverb certainly fit the song -- the bass just became a tad bit overwhelming to the ears.

    Definitely different, and definitely some talent quite evident here. Thanks for posting!


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    Re: Car Crash

    Thanks for listening! With the bass being too loud, do you mean the bass-section or the entire low-end of the song?

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    Re: Car Crash

    What a sad song!! Dark, suspension. Very nice. I never heard such a musical car crash. Mostly it is with a big bang. About that bass sound... I think it fits well and that Grand2 is great. I own one myself, but wait until the Steinway is there to present my piano music.

    Thank you for posting, it is really nice and a pity a bit short. But afterall it is a crash...........


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    Re: Car Crash

    In its darkness and cold colors and deliberate progress,
    a most interesting and effective cut, Sleutelbos.

    I too think perhaps reduce the bass a bit; but other-
    wise, very nicely produced!

    My best,


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