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Topic: MIDI Mockups - What do you think?

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    MIDI Mockups - What do you think?

    Hey Everyone. I just posted three tracks on my website http://www.michaelshumway.com I've only been doing this for 6 months and wanted to know what everyone thinks and would love some feedback on my cues. I'm writing in Finale 2008, exporting it to digital performer 5 and kontakt2 using ewqlso platinum. I'm on a 8 core mac pro with 8 gb RAM. Thanks in advance!


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    Re: MIDI Mockups - What do you think?

    Nice work Michael, I too use DP!


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    Re: MIDI Mockups - What do you think?

    Very nice - I thought the cymbal crash was a bit strong - but as MIDI mockups go it would certainly get you the gig.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: MIDI Mockups - What do you think?

    Dear Michael Which you have begun to do, seems to me wonderful, follows thus, if you do not do finished the pieces, I suggest to you you finish them.

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    Re: MIDI Mockups - What do you think?

    thanks for the feedback so far. i'm not quite sure which cymbal is too loud on which track, but i appreciate the input houston haynes. Julio, I've been putting up just segments of tracks on my site, but perhaps i should put full tracks... i don't know if it really matters or not to a director/client to hear full tracks or just a sampling of work. what does everyone think? P.S. I just uploaded another track called "16 Stones". Check it out...

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