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Topic: RMX: Outputs weirdness

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    RMX: Outputs weirdness

    Hello everyone,
    Last night I encountered a problem while working with rmx: using sound menus, i assigned kicks to output A, snares to output B, so on and so forth ... but some when I got to cymbals on output G, some of the individual sounds in the menu were being routed to output A, in my kick track! For instance, the splashes were assigned correctly but the "ride cymbal roll" (I think it's A5 in the "hifi cymbals" sound menu) was going thru output A.
    I quintupled check everything and could not see what I was doing wrong. It may be something simple I am missing, I'll appreciate any help.
    Thanks in advance,

    Nuendo 3 (last revision before Nu4)
    Intel E6400
    ASUS P5B
    2Gb RAM

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    Re: RMX: Outputs weirdness

    I'm sorry if this is not correct -- but I think I've also had that problem -- I believe it has something to do with EFFECTS returns.... Like, maybe the master effects always return to Output A, something like that...?

    It's past midnight, I'm hyped up on allergy medicine -- and I don't have time to really check and remind myself the exact situation.

    But I would try to see if it's not something about your effects sends and returns within RMX.

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    Re: RMX: Outputs weirdness

    What's up Tokyo!
    I just came back from a looong day @ my writing partner's but I'll check the fx sends/returns tomorrow. Keep in mind I have only one note from the cymbals sound menu that outputs to A while the rest is correctly routed. I was thinking of something about the zone edits that causes that specific note to behave as such. I have to admit that I am using RMX more like a sample player *think drum machine* and I've not had a chance to dive deep into program.


    ps: my partner was just in tokyo this week and today while tracking his amazing Bacchus bass (hand made in japan) we were sipping on some delicious sake he brought back. so it was japanese style today for us .... and we had sushi for lunch too ...

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    Re: RMX: Outputs weirdness

    Note that there are two different ways you can assign sounds in RMX to an output. The first is in the part mixer, in which all the sounds from that part will be directed to the specified output. However, you can override that assignment in edit groups. So, even though a part is routed to output B, you can still route individual edit groups in that part to output A. This is very handy if you want to put an insert effect in your host on just some of the sounds in a part.

    And, as Tokyo mentioned, the output of the aux effect racks is always to output A.

    - Glenn

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