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Topic: Paasthema (Easter Song)

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    Paasthema (Easter Song)

    Hi everybody,

    First post ever... so a little nervous

    I'm not a classicly trained composer. Only took, in my early teens, some years of music-education (I play the flute and did some classical singing).

    But in my spare time, I try to write some music... So here's one of my latest attemps and I would much appreciate it if you could comment it. All critisism is welcome. It's called Eastersong, but only because it was written yesterday... I'm using Finale and euh... nothing else but the garritan sound library. As said, I'm only an amateur.

    Many greetz and love to all of you from Flanders,


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    Re: Paasthema (Easter Song)

    This is a nice introduction of yourself to the board! Welcome!!!

    I like your thematic development. I also like the way you play with the orchestrations here: you offer manageable combinations one at a time until your build for the finale - and in a way that's plausible.

    Thanks for sharing this. I'm looking forward to more from you.


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    Re: Paasthema (Easter Song)

    Hello Mr. Stoffolson,

    your first entry is fair enough. It is a bit sad, how come? Once you dive into the "rendering" you will find out that this nice piece can have more dynamics and body. But for the first time, it is great and has a not too complicated development.

    Greetings from Holland,

    Raymond Robijns (yes a name from Flanders, but a Dutch man)

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    Re: Paasthema (Easter Song)

    Hello and a warm welcome, Stoffolson!

    A quite impressive first work!
    I find your composing original and interesting!
    Your orchestration and development stream well to the end!
    Well done and keep posting


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    Re: Paasthema (Easter Song)

    I understand the nervousness, but -- especially with a first piece so far above the norm -- no need to be. You handle the whole minor key/triple meter thing very adeptly, evoking a dreamily whimsical feel. Although I'm hearing out of only one ear this morning (kind of scary! ), your orchestration and rendering sound quite effective as well.

    Welcome to this forum and congratulations on such a quality work!


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    Re: Paasthema (Easter Song)

    Many thanks for the positive responses... Feels great! I hope I will be able to, some day, write music as well as most of you! I'll keep studying other composers to get better and hopefully will soon post some new work!

    Warm Greetings...

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    Re: Paasthema (Easter Song)

    This is really good for a first effort. It has a dark theme but that's fine.

    The orchestration and rendering sound good.

    Don't be afraid to take chances and experiment.

    I hear some real talent.


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    Re: Paasthema (Easter Song)

    A beautiful song, Stoffolson!
    Nice work. I really like the melancholic harmonies.
    Welcome to the forum. Please continue to post your music!

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    Re: Paasthema (Easter Song)

    Welcome, Stoffolson! And don't be nervous,
    you're among friends.

    This is, too, quite a good introduction of your
    work... a well written piece and an able
    rendering of it.

    Technically, a little more attention to nuance,
    tempi, maybe some tinkering with reverb to
    get it a bit cleaner... Stoffolson, all that comes
    with time as both your ear and your skill with
    the tools develop.

    Come on back here with more -- I enjoyed
    this one.

    My best,


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